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What is 鶹¾? 

We are your Students’ Union, here for all students at the University of York. Whilst we work closely with the University on many projects, we are a separate, charitable organisation. We are not-for-profit, and are run by elected representatives. 

Our core mission at 鶹¾ is to:

  • Represent you
  • Support you 

…and to give you the best experience as a student in York!

If you are studying at the University, you are automatically a part of 鶹¾, but you can opt-out at any time. 


What 鶹¾ can do for you: 


Our dynamic team go above and beyond to ensure that you can join societies, clubs and groups that suit your interests! 

At 鶹¾, we offer...


If you need any support or advice during your time at York, we've got you covered. 鶹¾ has a welcoming Advice and Support Centre, who are there to give you free, independent advice. If you need any extra help, we can signpost you to appropriate services that work best for you.


鶹¾ strives to represent all students, determined to make University an immersive, collaborative and inclusive environment. 

We have three teams, elected by students, who work hard to make this a reality:

What's more, we also offer a selection of campaigns, projects and networks for you to join, so that you can help to make a difference. 


We run events all year around, so you'll never have a dull moment with us!

Some of the events which you could attend include:

  • Freshers' Festival;
  • Love York Awards;
  • Roses (Europe's largest varsity!);
  • and our annual Summer Ball!


We have six venues across campus. Whether you want to grab a coffee before a lecture, or nip down to the pub for a pint, we've got it all!

Why not visit:

  • The Courtyard;
  • D-Bar;
  • The Glasshouse;
  • The Kitchen at Alcuin;
  • The Lounge;
  • or The Vanbrugh Arms?


We're here for you! 

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